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Full Version: Hand Held Speed Camera?
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I have just been travelling on the Motorway, doing approximately 80mph. There was a police van parked up on a bridge, with a guy sat in the passenger seat pointing a hand held device towards me.

Now, with him being sat on a bridge, there was obviously no way he was going to be able to pull me further up the motorway. With this type of device, can I expect an NIP through the post?

New to all this, only had my license 15 months :/

Thank you
Perhaps. The registered keeper should know within 14 days.
If it was a speed camera they can send a NIP through the post, so you have an anxious 14 days ahead.

The good news is that if your speedo read 80, your actual speed was probably 76 to 78, and the normal threshold is 79 before they prosecute.

Also if you were not exceeding the limit by much you would be offered a speed awareness course ( as long as it was not in Scotland and you have not done one in the last 3 years), this costs slightly more but avoids the points.

Fingers crossed that you hear nothing.
Thanks - 14 days of hell haha!
Possibly other marked or unmarked cars further on who would be lying ready to pounce if the speed had been high enough.....
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