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Full Version: No sight of ticket issued
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My son received form TE3 Order for Recovery of Unpaid Penalty Charge (Parking) stating he owed £70 for an unpaid parking ticket originally £35. He had no knowledge of any parking ticket being issued against his vehicle, so he wrote to Worthing Council on 3rd Jan. 2013, requesting a copy of the ticket. No reply of course. He then received a letter requesting he complete forms TE7 (Out of Time / Extension) and TE9 (Witness Statement-Unpaid Penalty Charge). (Forms to be downloaded from their website). He duly filled in the forms, ticking "I did not receive a PCN", these were both sent in hard copy, and emailed. In due course he received from Northants TEC a notice that "The Application for leave to file a Statutory Declaration to be REFUSED". He can now download form N244 and send £80 for a Review by a District Judge with a hearing, or £45 without a hearing. If he can't afford to pay he can download booklet EX160A to find out what to do. Heaven help you if you don't own a computer! My son doesn't. In all communications the TEC state they are unable to help with enquiries. In a fit of pique a letter was dashed off to them stating that the matter will be referred to Watchdog as we don't see why my son should pay his hard-earned money for a violation he knows nothing about. He's had parking tickets before, and paid up. We're fed up with this faceless bureacracy, and it could be a scam for all we know. What to do next?
Do what the letter tells you, pay the money, get it re-set. And no more fits of pique, this is how the system works so don't ignore the proper process (that's how people end up with bailiffs on the doorstep).

When it is re-set then post the PCN up here and you can get help to appeal it.
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