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Full Version: Cancelled speed aweness course by organiser, now conditional offer
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I got caught by a speed camera and was offered a speed awerness course. I booked and paid for a course date and with less then 24hrs notice the organiser left me a voice mail to say it was cancelled due to bad weather and another date would be organised. A couple of weeks later the next thing I recieved was a conditional offer. I called the number on the paperwork and the OB said I should of been told when there cancelled I only have 7 days to get booked in for another date but even he said there not telling people and although I'd booked time for work and paid for a course I had to pay the £60 fixed penalty and take the 3 points. Since then I lost the conditional at work and now have a court summons. My argument is that the organiser should of given me a date for another course when there cancelled, or at least called me back before the 7 day deadline with another date. I'd done my side of the deal. Whats my next step? Could I win in court?
No. There is no right to do a course, it is at the discretion of the police. You may be able to persuade the court to give you the equivalent sentence as the fixed penalty offer that you lost, but don't count on it.
Depends. If the police promised not to prosecute you if you did the course, they may be able to be held to that promise. What were the terms of the offer? Did you just have to book or actually attend? I'm betting the latter.
Hmmm. Very interesting. OP can you tell us more? Do you still have the course offer documents? I suppose not but the principle of "legitimate expectation" does need to be considered. Maybe the person running the course could be held liable for the extra costs incurred?.
still got the voice mail ? ?
if so what ere the exact words ?
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