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Lynnzer's PPC Wizard.

What is it?

Lynnzer's PPC Wizard is designed to be a quick run through the whole PPC process so you can identifya) The type of ticket you have b) Where you are in the process c) What law's, if any, actually apply to the ticket) Some background information at particular points in the wizard.

What it is not

It will not give you the whole answer and the PPC industry uses bluff, bullshit, and half-truths to part you from your money. It's there to allow you to ask more relevant questions and to prepare you for the sort if information we will need to help you.

How does it work

It's a simple decision tree asking Yes or No to questions to get you to the relevant part of the forum. Each branch will deal with a particular ticket type or situation and will quickly guide you so that you wont find the whole thing bewildering.

Where is it?

The current home of Version 1 is here:
Version 2 (Flash) is here: but the content is the same.
Please be aware it is in development as the PPC industry is attempting to skirt round some of the laws put in place to regulate them - particularly the Protection of Freedoms Act or POFA.

Are you an expert?

If you feel particularly knowledgeable about one of these branches, you can contribute your "node" in plain English. The eventual aim is to have the nodes in the FAQ's under headings like "What is POFA", "How do I fill out the Small Claims Court form" etc. Lynnzer's PPC Wizard ™ will just be a means of taking people backwards and forwards within the FAQ's to quickly get to the bit of information they need so there is no need to go elsewhere for advice unless there is a good reason to do so.
Please note that this Wizard is not produced, hosted or endorsed by Pepipoo. If you have any questions about it then please contact it's author, Lynnzer.
The Wizard is currently down for maintenance.
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