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Full Version: Request for information to identify driver of vehicle
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First of all hello everyone
I received a letter the today basically asking who was driving my car I am now quoting At 16:18 hours on 07/05/2013 a VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT V6 TDI motor vehicle registration number was observed at THORNLEY LANE, ROWLANDS GILL, UNITED KINGDOM where it is alleged that the Non Endorsable offence of driver of motor vehicle fail to wear seatbelt was committed.
They have sent this letter to identify the driver well (this is were i start giggling)
There is 2 drivers on my insurance me a near as makes no difference 24 year old male and our lass a female.
So they have supposedly seen someone in my car (by the way this is a speed camera van) driving with no seatbelt but they want to know who was driving i would imagine they would have a photo to prove it (if it went to court) so they can see SUPPOSEDLY see no seat belt on the driver but dont know who was driving is it just me or are these idiots just trying to have my life and get there statistics up.
Any advice would be great
Well you could start by editing out paragraph 1 and also the VRM of your vehicle further down.
Apart from that stand by (for whatever) lol
They well may have a photograph, but how do they know whether that is the RK or anyone else authorised to drive the car?

If you know who was driving at the time, simply complete the form and return within 28 days. You could, if there is doubt as to who was driving, request a photograph to "assist in identification of the driver". They are not obliged to supply photo, but often do. Regardless of whether photo arrives or not, remember to return the completed S.172 within 28 days of receipt.

Failure to return the S.172 naming the driver will result in 6 points and hefty fine.
Thanks i had already read on another thread and off the letter that it is a offence to not provide info.
I had my dad in the car at the time and i always wear a seatbelt especially when he is there (hes a twisty old s***) lol
so can i request a photograph cos iam nearly 100% that i had it on because if i did or it its is hard to see by the photograph iam not been diddled out of 60 quid
QUOTE (lukev6tdi @ Fri, 17 May 2013 - 17:58) *
so can i request a photograph

See my previous post.
Transit man
Just remember that there is no obligation for them to supply a photo unless it goes to court, but they often do. But return the S172 naming the driver within the time scale regardless of what happens re a photo & whether you believe you are innocent or not or intend to fight it in court

The main point being in your case, if you categorically know you had your belt on, then fight it, as if you did, then no photo will show you did not, but...........if you are unsure then fighting it could become far more expensive than the £60 fine offered & as no points are given for this expense it may be the least painful option.
Thanks for the advice I appreciate it it isnt the fine its the principal of it
Just be careful, principles can be expensive.

Can see this going anywhere unless there is a very clear photo, and why would a camera van operator be recording a vehicle not exceeding the speed limit?

Make sure the driver is named within 28 days and see what happens.
Sgt Pepper
QUOTE (lukev6tdi @ Fri, 17 May 2013 - 20:43) *
Thanks for the advice I appreciate it it isnt the fine its the principal of it

Principle of what?

Catching you?
Bare in mind, that a not guilty trial, that you loose, will cost you around 600 quid in costs, let alone the fine and victim surcharge on top. (Oh, and any solicitor costs you have / time off work etc)

Fill in the form, so you don't turn 60 quid into 500 and 6 points.

Then make a decision to fight it or not. If you always wear your belt, nomatter who is in the car, then go for a not guilty trial - after all, they would never ever have any video.
BUT - if you sometimes don't wear it (in your normal course of driving), then think very carefully, as rejecting it could cost you a lot of cash (as detailled above).

Only you know how good you are at wearing your belt.

[quote name='jaykay' date='Fri, 17 May 2013 - 22:00' post='821547']

why would a camera van operator be recording a vehicle not exceeding the speed limit?

This is the only vehicle i passed in that area at the time the letter states i wasnt pulled over but i do remember a speed camera van because i remember making sure i wasnt going any faster than 30mph.
Am i right in thinking that this van should only of starting taking photos if i was speeding
thanks for all the info so far.
I can't see why a safety camera partnership van can't target seatbelt offences or even mobile phone offences as well, if there is a specific reason that they can't I would welcome an explanation as to why to help continue my education.
The operator will run a continuous video of the session. If that video captures a criminal offence the video can be used in evidence. Why would it not?
The Rookie
It's not a case of targetting, the video runs continuously and if he sees an offence he can swivel the camera to give better evidence, you wouldn't expect a traffic officer to ignore an assualt going on in the street and fail to see how this is different.

If you are innocent it does sound like your protesting a lot about how an offence that didn't happen was detected.......

Any update on how this went?
did you get the photograph as requested?

The OP hasn't.t logged on since the 18th May, don't hold your breath waiting for a reply.
QUOTE (BaggieBoy @ Fri, 11 Oct 2013 - 13:10) *
The OP hasn't.t logged on since the 18th May, don't hold your breath waiting for a reply.

Replied,paid up ( or someone else did ) and got on with their life no doubt !
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