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Full Version: parking fine when I stopped a few seconds to drop off
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Russ Cartwright

Bexley Council have issued me with a parking fine for Parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or
any part of a road other than a carriageway (camera enforcement).

After a long delay I've finally managed to get hold of the photos they have. I was dropping someone off near to the railway station. They have two photos of my car with three seconds between them. The guy my wife spoke to said it was a mobile camera (ie in a car or van) and that it would have taken my photo the moment I stopped. The guy I was dropping off is in the photo.

On the photo I do have a wheel up the kerb and it looks like I am on a single yellow line.Click to view attachment

Do I have any kind of case? Any advice gratefully received as I don't think a £55 fine is fair for stopping for a few seconds to drop someone off.

Footway parking has been barred for decades in London, and doesn't have to be signed either, so many people get caught out by this ban. However in your case of only a few seconds on the footway, you could argue a very strong de minimis case at PATAS. A PCN for a few seconds is outrageous, IMHO, but that's what this country has now become, a paradise for Robber Barons. The council will be very unlikely to back down when you appeal, you'll have to take it all the way to PATAS. Or pay up at the discount rate, of course.
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