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Full Version: Multiple notices on single parking suspension sign
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Hi I just returned to my bike to find it towed . The sign that showed parking suspension for Tuesday I suddenly realised it also has another notice underneath for today (Sunday) . Is it allowed to have two sgins on one notice .?
It's not in date order either so when I read it before I only saw the one for Tuesday , it's even in smaller print ? So annoying!

I need my bike back to ride home to London tomorrow night with so I can't hold out and really fight , I'm hoping there some rule somewhere I can use .....

It's bath ,Avon council

Thanks ..

Looks a classic case of paying to get your bike back and then appealing and winning all the money back.

The suspension signlooks non-compliant and confusing for sure. And the bike could have been re-positioned if it was actually causing a problem (rather than towing it). Go to to the pound tomorrow and just collect the bike and whatever paperwork they give you. Do not ask about appealing and do not prompt them for any appeal form.

The only question I would ask, if none of the paperwork shows it, is how soon did they actually authorise the removal and what time was it then removed. Write down the answer, it may help with your appeal.

Then come back here and post up all sides of all documents they give you (even the standard blurb). Almost everyone wins back a towing and the PCN fee, in fact it's easier to appeal and get that back than it is to appeal just a PCN!
K, im off to get it now. thanks a lot
heres what they gave me , they also charge me £150 for collection when the notice said £105, ive read somewhere that if they overcharge you can also get it refunded?

It looks like you got a PCN from the Council but the Police towed it before they did which is why you paid £150, I suspect the PCN wasn't paid when you collected it?
no thats still to pay of £35, does that mean i need to do two separate appeals? one for the pcn and one to the police for the towing?>
QUOTE (Kepea @ Mon, 12 Nov 2012 - 11:43) *
no thats still to pay of £35, does that mean i need to do two separate appeals? one for the pcn and one to the police for the towing?>

Yes you need to appeal the PCN and then find out the reason you got towed and if you can appeal against it.
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