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Full Version: TFL Charge certificate
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I've received a charge certificate for a supposed offence stopping on a red route back in May. I believe I stopped the car, got out and checked the signs, realised my error and immediately moved the car. This £195 notice is the first correspondence I have received. I was in a courtesy car which has probably delayed the receipt. However the address the charge certificate has been sent to is incorrect both name of the road and an error on the postcode. I called TFL who say they will only charge me £65 as a gesture of good will. However to receive CCTV footage to prove I parked there they want £10. As the details of my address are incorrect do i have to pay this?
This is messy and has the potential to become a quagmire.

As it is a Charge Certificate then there is no option to appeal or make representations. The normal advice is to wait till the next stage which is Order for Recovery. Upon receipt complete the Witness Statement or Statutory Declaration that will be attached, to the effect that you did not receive the original Penalty Charge Notice. In theory the TEC will issue an order cancelling the OFR and the CC. TFL can then serve a fresh PCN on you.

So the question is will the OFR arrive at your address in time, or at all?
How different is the address and postcode?

Seems to me that eventually a bailiff will figure it out. And attempt enforcement even if the address is incorrect. Alas some of the less disreputable firms have no regard for the law at all.

Since you have already contacted TFL, I would not advise that you ignore the notice. Did you give them the correct address?
I might be inclined to send them a letter informing them of the correct address for any correspondence concerning PCN number nnnn. And copy it to the TEC.

See what others have to say.
Send TFL and TEC a notice of your correct address to be used in all further correspondence.
and CC: it to PATAS
thanks for the advise
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