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Full Version: First PCN :( Islington Code 01
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Hi all

Last friday night I returned home to find all the resident bays on my street and those adjacent occupied, so I parked on a SYL. Got ticketed the next morning as I went to move the car.

Here's the PCN front and back

Firstly, at my entry point to the CPZ, the sign stating that saturday enforcement is from 08.30 - 13.30 was obscured by a tree

Additionally, there was this yellow plate sign opposite where the car was parked, which appears to contradict the CPZ entry sign

Here's the line itself: here, here and here

Images of the alleged contravention aren't coming up on the council website.

Is it worth mentioning the above in my appeal? And is there anything else I should include?

Any help would be much appreciated

I think the bus and lorry waiting ban is irrelevant I'm afraid. Any other ways into the CPZ where the signage might be even worse?

Need to be careful here, if you live inside the CPZ. Difficult to assert that you were unaware of it.
If an adj were to accept your "sign obscured" argument, then every motorist resident within the CPZ would have carte blanche to park on SYL. Can't see this happening.

Given that you acknowledge the contravention, you should challenge within the 14-day period to buy time.

Also, you mention that you got ticketed the next morning as you "went to move the car". This implies that you attended the car at or about the time of the contravention. I'd mention this in your challenge e.g. first offence, parked on SYL as all res bays full, just got to the car a few minutes late (restriction started 08.30, time of contravention 08.40) the following morning on my way to moving the car into a bay, sorry, discretion?

Or "sign obscured".

I know which option I'd try.


Thanks for your advice

With respect to the waiting restriction timeplate - I thought that signage by yellow lines took precedence over whatever the CPZ signage specifies? as per;#entry365775
Mmm. That would need some research. As I understand this, the CPZ means that no one can wait on a yellow line during the day. The additional plate means that lorries and coaches cannot wait during the night, although other vehicles can. Looks like lorris and coaches can wait between 08:00 and 08:30.

School run perhaps.

Maybe you are right. Maybe the ONLY restriction on that line is the bus and lorry ban because there is a plate inside the CPZ on a yellow line.

Don't have time to look at it now, but it is an interesting point.
Thanks for your contributions thus far. Another couple of points have arisen in my mind;

the Islington Enforcement Protocol Booklet states for code 01 "Where evidence of loading/unloading bulky or heavy items, 20 minutes casual observation will be given...If no loading observed after first 20 minutes, 5 minutes constant observation will be given before issuing PCN if loading not observed during this period" - does this mean that I shouldn't have been PCN'd until at least 08.55?

Also - the PCN provides a website to view images of the alleged contravention. Throughout the week the images weren't showing up after entering the ticket details, and now the website itself won't even load.

Are these relevant in this case?
Yes to all of your points made in your last posts, potentially they may all be worth mentioning in a formal appeal. But I tend to agree with HCA that it may be better at informal stage to try a simpler appeal and to also ask why there appears to have been NO observation period at all.
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