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Full Version: Representation against removal of vehicle - Brent
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My wife’s car was towed away by Brent council for being parked partly blocking a footway - dropped kerb (a say partly as I can't remember whether it was fully blocked or not).

Ticket was issued and within a few minutes the car was towed away resulting in £265 to get the car released.

The above event happened on the 26th August (Sunday) at 19:11 - there were no events on and the parking took place on a side street which isn't that busy.

From my point of view, I understand the PCN for parking adjacent to a dropped kerb and I am willing to accept the penalty (if it's been issued on the right grounds plus I believe this kind of penalty is treated as severe) but my beef really is around the car being towed away. Was there a need to tow the car away?

There are several other dropped kerbs within the area the car was parked so it wasn't the case that I had partially blocked the one and only, plus as I have mentioned above it was on a side street and there hardly anybody around at all.

Your help in this matter is much appreciated - have I got grounds to appeal and if so how do I compose such an appeal.

Many thanks in advance.


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Same as a case here the other day - the form you have shown includes an appeal that the appropriate time had not elapsed (and it tells you that it's 30 mins in any other case). So that's one seemingly relevant point of appeal.

Also look at the London Councils' website for the code of practice re parking enforcement, look for info about towing priorities. And look for the CEO's handbook on there as well in case there is some useful info to quote in your appeal - such as a procedure that shoud have been followed. Same goes for trawling the Brent website for any Code of Practice on parking enforcement and towing.

Have a look too, at the whole thread posted by n101 here:

Different London Council but same contravention, disproportionate and hasty towaway...and a successful outcome following a well-worded appeal. If you read that and do your own digging re Brent Council's published info on towing, then you should be able to put together a draft appeal for us to have a look at shortly.

It's an absolute no-brainer to appeal a Council tow (and you would be appealing for the whole lot back, PCN cost and all).
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