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Full Version: Off Street Parking?
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Hi there,

I was wondering if anybody could help. I recently received a Council PCN in a residents parking bay which has been unenforcable for years now. All the residents are/were aware it was fine to park there and for that reason I never bothered to get a residents permit. Then about a week ago I get a PCN and write to the council to appeal. They tell me that a new Parking Places Order (PPO) has come into force around there and now it is enforceable. Apparently a paper sign was stuck to the lamppost to let us know but I can't say I noticed it.

In response to this I put my argument forward that the bay is not marked out, there is only a few lines, the rest have completely gone (see pictures

Their response: The area in which your vehicle was parked is an ‘off street’ parking area, therefore it is not part of the Public Highway and does not need to comply with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002. The sign advises that parking is for permit holders only and bay markings are not required.

Does anyone know if this area is meant to be "off street" shouldn't it have one of those signs that says either "permit holders only past this point" or "controlled parking zone" as you drive in? Or should I just bite the bullet and pay them the money?

Any help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks in advance, Kieran
What, where, when? We know the who.

Pl post the PCN, keep in the location, times etc.

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