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Full Version: council ticket in nottingham
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Morning all ive just got home from a night shift from work where a customer had blocked the car park so i went to get his keys came back to a ticket but on the ticket they have got a letter wrong on my reg number.
What do i do now ignore it,i was a bit worried as they take pictures now.

Thanks for any advice given
It doesn't matter if they take pictures or not

Do you own the car with the registration on the PCN ? No

That's the end of the matter.

Keep the ticket safe just in case they try it on and send an NTO later. It gives you an automatic win
Otherwise ignore them

If the council has a website you can try entering the PCN details to see what's on their records but don't contact them
We don't know who issued the ticket i.e. council or private parking company.

OP - please specify.

Good point if it was a works car park
it was a Nottingham city council
It leaves the advice to "ignore" unchanged

DVLA will report the number as non-existent or provide details of another keeper who will have to deny that his car was there.
chelsea big t
True they will be unable to trace it to your address, and even if the photo shows corect Reg.
they canot change what they have already issued.
relax this can go no further.
thanks everyone for your great advice occasion14.gif
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