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Full Version: Time error, worth contesting?
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Hi everyone. Glad I found this place as the advice looks useful. Long story short, I have a speeding charge hanging over me, but a mistake has been made by the authorities. The letter I was sent is telling me to confirm that the incident took place at 11:50. What they've done is misread the time, because it was at 17:50.

Now fortunately I find myself in a situation where I have the time and money to contest it. It's not something I usually do but after speaking to people I know they've advised me to go down this route. I looked in to motoring solicitors, found Nick Freeman's company and thought I'd try them, but only because I'd heard of who he was. If there's anyone better you can suggest I'll take a look at them.

I'm sure a few of you will have some thoughts as to whether I should drop it or pursue it and I'd welcome your advice.
What stage are you at? You've had a NIP sent requesting the driver? (Might be worth filling in the NIP Wizard)

...or are you further down the line, e.g. summons?
The answer rather depends on what the "incident" was, and where you have got to. If you have received and not replied to a NIP relating to a camera, it is not up to you to correct the error, and you should reply stating who was driving the car at 11.50 and where it was. If it was parked at the time, state that. do not reply until 14 days after the incident.

If you were stopped by the police or there was an accident, the wrong time is unlikely to help you, as you are not being misled.
Have a read of this too
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