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Full Version: PCN in residents bay
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I received this PCN for parking in a residents bay. There was pay and display parking near by which was only in operation till 6pm. I assumed the bay I parked in was the same, but was actually a residents bay.

Please can anyone help?

Could you show us the actual bay please, signs and lines? You may be able to find it on Google Street View and post the chain-link to the exact place. We need to know what exactly was on the sign in the bay where you did park, and whether there was a sign with arrows at the point where the bays meet (if they meet) clearly signalling the 2 different types of bay.
Here is the link in google street view.,71.93,,0,19.82

The right handside sign is a mix of residents parking and pay & display. I parked on the left hand side, which says residents bay.
Had I have known I would have parked on the correct side of the road, where there were spaces.
This is hard to understand as you have redacted too much info from the PCN. We have no times or date on that PCN and can't read the time of enforcement on that sign. Can you fill us in?
Sorry this is my first post.

I have attached the enforcement signs to the post.

The redacted times and dates are:

Norfolk Square [b7]
At: 19:34 on 30/08/2012
It's all gone quiet on your thread...I can't see any points of appeal and can't hear anyone else voicing a virtual opinion either.

As you are still within the 14 day no-added-risk challenge timeline (after which they will re-offer the discount, as the back of the PCN says) it would be worth trying an early informal appeal (I would) finishing by saying 'if you reject this challenge I require a copy of or link to the Traffic Order which you contend I have contravened.'

Then when you get the TRO you can look to see if the bay differences are actually defined by the Order. You can only contravene an Order (not a sign). If it all looks kosher then you'd be able to make a more informed decision and still pay the lower penalty.
Thanks for your help, I have challenged the PCN, will look at their response and let you know their decision.
If you didn't also require them to link you to the Traffic Order then don't sit and wait for the inevitable template response dirge, which will leave you no clearer about whether to pay.

Email the Council separately, now, just requesting a link to the Traffic Order if it's not obvious on their website. To keep it separate from your appeal, maybe use a different family surname and do not mention the PCN at all because they have to provide an Order if an interested person asks.

At least then you could make an informed decision if the Order matches the signs and bays and you then get a rejection. Don't assume the Order will be OK.
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