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Full Version: Fixed camera on A69
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Tony H

I am in a bit of a state of shock as I passed though a speed camera in my motorhome and it flashed at me. I checked my speed prior to passing through and was doing about 54mph. The road was a single carriageway but had the national speed sign under the camera.

I thought that the speed limit was 60mph for motorhomes as I have never heard anything contrary to that.

I have had amotorhome since last Sept but sold it after a few weeks of ownership for a slightly better one. This is the 3rd time I have taken this one out since delivery and is the first time a speed camera has ever flashed at me.

I am 53 years old and consider myself to be a careful and considerate driver - I even stopped along this road to let faster vehicles past me!

I do not relish the thought of speeding points on my licence and wanted to ask if there is anything that I can do?

Kind Regards - Tony
Motorhomes are subject to car speed limits provided the unladen weight is below Kg3050. The camera may have been set up to detect vans and assumed the motorhome was one if it is of similar size. In which case, provided you were not exceeding the car limit, they should realise when looking at the picture, I think. We do have some insiders here who may be able to comment.
Transit man
What Logician has said is right on the money, it is down to the unladen weight of your vehicle.

QUOTE (Tony H @ Sun, 19 Aug 2012 - 18:05) *
I do not relish the thought of speeding points on my licence and wanted to ask if there is anything that I can do?

Whilst it is annoying, joining the 3 points/£60 club is such a common occurrence, I would not lose too much sleep on it, you may be entitled to & offered a speed awareness course if your vehicle is subject to the lower limit.

If you do receive an NiP, come back here & fill in the wizard to get the best advice & confirm whether or not your vehicle is subject to a 50 limit.
Gatsos can operate with two thresholds one for 'small' and one for 'large' vehicles. The large setting is usually set to the HGV limit and this can mean that buses and some other big vehicles can be flashed even when within their limit.

When they check the film they just ignore these ones, so assuming your vehicle is subject to car limits you won't hear any more. That part of the country gets plenty of motor homes so they will be well aware of the limits for them.
Transit man
I have just re read the post (should have read it properly to start with rolleyes.gif ) & note that you think your speed was circa 54 mph, assuming that to be the case of what was showing on your speedo, true speed would be nearer 51-52. So the flash of the camera would, as UK Mike alludes to, is caused by thinking your vehicle is an HGV & subject to a 40 mph limit, not a van subject to 50. This all being correct, they will (should?) see a non HGV & bin it.

Unless of course the motor home is a VERY large Winnebago type with a >10 tonne UW or so.

Would be well worth the OP finding exactly what category the motor home is, to save further misunderstandings.
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