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Full Version: Barnet pcn while sick child sat in the car
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I was parked in a pay zone on the road in Barnet and I ran into the chemist to pick up my daughters prescription and left her in the car so not to disturb her. I was there for literally 1 min and came out and the traffic warden was stood in front of my car. The ticket hadn't been issued at that point from what I could see. I explained I had 2 kids in the car, one of them he could see and he just started laughing and shrugged his shoulders. I waited for him to give me my ticket and he didn't bother so I drove off after about 30 seconds of waiting. I thought if someone was sat in the car that a pcn couldn't be issued, is this not right??
Anyway, about 2 weeks later a 'Notice To Owner' arrived saying I had parked without payment of the parking charge and the fine is £60. It states on the letter that I can view the photo evidence of the contravention online but when I go to view it states that the evidence cannot be viewed, this is because he didn't take a photo. I am planning to appeal but didn't know about the whole "being sat in the car" issue? I would be grateful for anyone's help regarding this as I can't find it online.
Scan (or photograph) and post up ALL sides of the Ticket (and/or any other paperwork received)

- edit out your personal details and your car reg. and the Ticket number (from the SCANNED version ONLY - do NOT amend anything on the original hard-copy PCN or other original paperwork!) before uploading.
hang on, won't let me upload. let me try something
I'm not sure if that's worked, I'm new to all this. Can you advise me on how to do it as it is in my attachments
Sorry, no images showing, the file size could be over the
forum limit.

Using a photo hosting site and linking to your thread will
bypass the restriction.

How to Format, Resize and Post Images in a Forum Thread
Nope, they don;t work, sorry.

And if you look at other threads you will see you d not need to link, re-size or attach your pics. You just put them in the reply hereas per the FAQs 'how to post pictures'.

We need to see that NTO. Does it say that a PCN was served? If so it's very norty of them.
Using a photohosting site is recommended, however, are you using the
Browse button to search for where the picture is stored on your computer
and then clicking the UPLOAD button.

Don't recall doing the attachment procedure so this is a test ... Click to view attachment

After locating the picture and clicking upload I had to click the down arrow next to
the Manage Current Attachments (0) window
and then the left hand icon in the message box.

With the mouse cursor over the icon a tool tip appears:
Insert attachment into text editor

When the icon was clicked the code was automatically inserted into the post,
no alteration to the code was needed.

I am new to this so hope it works for you smile.gif
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