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Full Version: PCN for out of time pay and display ticket issued at a different car park
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Hi all,
A work colleague has asked if i could post the following. They were issued a PCN at a car park in Stafford stating that the Pay and Display ticket was out of time. They had in fact not bought a pay display ticket for that car park not realising it was P&D (its attached to a Sainsbury) so the ticket referred to was from a different car park.

Would i be right in thinking that the person issuing the PCN would of taken a photo of the P&D ticket and that info on that ticket would show it was from a different car park and thus make PCN void?

Unfortunately the actual appeal time is up so is it worth waiting for the NtO to arrive or put an emailed appeal in now?

Look forward to responses.

IMHO put an email/online informal appeal in, carefully timed! Send it at the weekend; the informal appeal time is not up.

According to the PCN he has until tomorrow to informally appeal BUT in fact he has longer because they must consider any informal challenge received before the NTO. The PCN doesn't actually tell you this as far as I can see so why not set them up for a fall on this basis as well! There's nowt to lose because the discount has gone and he is appealing now on an all or nothing basis whatever happens. Even if it goes to an independent adjudication meeting, the amount does not increase now so there's no risk.

So if it were me I would put a carefully-timed appeal in over the weekend which is outside of the 28 days the PCN says but within the period where they 'have to consider' it. The point being that if they then don't reply but just issue an NTO next week he also has the point to add of 'procedural improriety' in not considering an informal appeal made before the NTO was served, compounded by the fact that the PCN does not even tell you that you can appeal up until the NTO is served.

The email/online appeal should be made Sat/Sun and you could use what you have said, the contravention did not occur as the CEO must have been looking at an irrelevant old piece of paper from another car park. There was no 'paid for time' so the car was not parked after the expiry of it. Fact.
Thanks for that, as you said nothing much to lose wink.gif
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