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Full Version: Paid Parking fee BUT ON WRONG CAR - Proof held by Parking Control but Barnet Council Upheld ticket
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I had just dropped my car off at the dealership to sort out a long-standing fault and parked the courtesy car I had been given in a local car park. I PAID THE REQUIRED PARKING FEE by phone to Parking Control and left. I returned to find a PCN had been issued. I quickly realised that on making my payment I had forgotten to change the registration number and that the fee had been made under my own car's number instead of the reg. of the courtesy vehicle.
I immediately phoned Parking Control who confirmed that they had a record of a payment made for that time to MY vehicle and, whilst they could not help me, they advised me to make representation to Barnet Council and explain the error.
In my letter I acknowledged that the error had been mine but asked that they recind the fine, given that Parking Control had assured me that a record of my payment was available. I also mentioned that, had payment been able to be made by ticket, no such error would have occurred as ther registration numbers are not normally required when you pay the fee. I received a reply from Barnet Council today.
T H E Y H AV E U P H E L D T H E $*"£%!+^ F I N E!!

I am SOOOO cross. Had I been intentionally trying to avoid payment then it would serve me right BUT I PAID the pigging charge and merely forgot to change the registration details. Either Parking Control and Barnet Council need to set up some kind of a dialogue to sort ot these matters or the personnel department at Barnet Council needs to word future adverts for employees to read 'People with a heart and more than half a brain need not apply''

What should I do? Even though it was my mistake, I am certain that I cannot be the first to make it and I feel that this is just another case that highlights unnecessary rigidity in rule-keeping and also shows how flawed the use of phone parking charges are.

Any advice??
Post up all the documents you've received and sent. Hide your personal details
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