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Full Version: Towed away OUTSIDE of restricted hours - Please Help!?
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On Stansfeld Road in Newham (London) there is a single yellow line with the only restricted hours being 1pm - 2pm.. There is little doubt about this, the signs are quite clear and many office workers park on the single yellow all day - but come 5 mins to 1 you can watch them all leaving the office to move their cars (go for lunch) and at 2pm they all come back again to park..
Anyway, I was parked there too on this particular day I didnt get back in time and received at PCN at 13.04 (observed 13:01 to 13:04).. annoying as it is I accepted that.. However at 3.20pm my car was towed away for the PCN I had received earlier that afternoon - even though at 3.20pm it was parked perfectly legally - as it was from the moment it hit 2pm... or am I missing something here.. I have a feeling someone is going to tell me that because I received a PCN at 1.04pm then it remains illegally parked for the rest of the day even if it you are allowed to park there from 2pm...?!?!
Anyway having established it was towed and waiting for a friend to drive me to the pound I eventually got my car back that evening and £265 worse off for it! That included the PCN charge too... see attached...
Any help or advice if I have a case to appeal would be appreciated so much, Thank you.. James.
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Hope this has worked?
Looks like a gross abuse of power to me, but then this IS a London council.

Anyway, it's a no-brainer to go to adjudication now as you have paid the full PCN amount, (plus the tow charges). Parked legally when actually towed away, and grossly disproportionate are the main arguments. It cannot possibly have been an obstruction, as when car was towed parking was allowed. These one hour restrictions are only there to stop commuters to Central London parking for free and not using very costly car parks.
Twice Shy
You sure it wasn't towed separately for the expired tax disc?

If so, you were within the 5 working-day grace period provided you'd already paid the DVLA.

Otherwise, Newham is doing a lot of this: boosting revenues by converting parking tickets to tow-aways.

Definitely appeal.
IIRC SoS advice to Councils is that Tow away is a 'last resort' measure. Quite how this could be any thing but the conversion stated above is beyond me ...
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