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Full Version: Westminster PCN - Parked in pay and display (11U) - Urgent help needed
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PCN received for parking in pay space not in residents bay (11U)

Contravention Date / Date of Service Date: 01/05/2012
NTO Date: 11/06/2012

Background: I forgot to move the car in the morning having parked it there temporarily as all the permit bays were fill within a reasonable distance of my flat due to the fact that Westminster had closed all the permit bays on the surrounding streets for drain cleaning.

The location of the ticket is here (via google street map):

The exact location is the two pay and display bays in front of the brick building (65 Belgrave Road)

A few questions:
  1. Are there regulations on the number of spaces that must be available to permit holders? - the reason I ask is that the reason I was in a pay bay was because all the permit spaces on the three surrounding streets were closed for cleaning. Can I challenge on lack of availability?
  2. I submitted informal reps after initial ticket within time frame. Do council have to respond? They haven't! I spoke to them on the phone and they confirmed receipt of my informal reps.
  3. If I have 28 days from 11/06/2012 what date does that take me to? I know there are some allowances on the dates.

My informal reps requested to know the number of spaces open to residents on that day due to the cleaning - stating that I did not believe there were sufficient spaces. I also stated that I am a permit holder and made an honest mistake.

Any help would be much appreciated - the PCN is the same cost as my annual permit almost !
Scan (or photograph) and post up ALL sides of the Ticket (and/or any other paperwork received)

- edit out your personal details and your car reg. and the Ticket number (from the SCANNED version ONLY - do NOT amend anything on the original hard-copy PCN or other original paperwork!) before uploading.
Here is PCN - dated 01/05/2012

Here is NTO - dated 11/06/2012

The NTO is readable but having problems getting ticket readable. I've read forum tips but doesn't seem to help. Any other ideas?
Open a free account at - upload there - then paste the links here
Images updated above also (still not that great !!)

Thumbnails here:

I've also finally received their response to my informal reps (apparently the two previous letters went missing !)

There are some bold statements in my informal response from the council. Are there any that are false?

They certainly contradict themselves when they say you can't park in payment bays during controlled hours unless adequate payment has been made. They then say I could have parked in the bay from 8.30 to 9.30 for free and then from 5.30 to 6:30 for free also. Confusing?

They also say on their website that "a large scale suspension of 30 or more resident parking spaces, alternative parking will be provided. One alternative space will be made available for resident permit holders for every 5 suspended".

I was never given any information on alternative spaces. I couldn't find a space because they had suspended parking on 3 large streets (circa 100 cars). Will this help me?

Any help much appreciated.
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