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Full Version: Parking advice please!
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Neil B
Need to go here for a friend with a full van load.,66.26,,0,-0.18

Can't see any loading restrictions so no immediate problem.

That Bus Stop is set back just nice and friend has already said I am expected to use it - yeah right - NOT!

- but, of course, if I stop where apparently allowed I am gonna p*ss off the bus drivers and everyone else held up as they have to manouvre round me.

Any thoughts? Anything I've missed?
It seems as if the CoL have been consulting on proposed changes to "loading" restrictions recently. This link is from their site and gives the current and proposed restrictions. It's very clear and should resolve your concern as regards the legal position:

But as you are a prudent and considerate person, you've allowed the moral dimension to come into your mind. But as Dr. Rowan Williams is not a contributor to this site, at least as far as I know (what a thought, what would be a useful tag for him?), then may your God guide your deliberations.

Neil B
Tks HCA.

The latest plan confirms what I thought.

So, at the narrow part of the road, with the stupidest lack of loading restrictions, I'll be sat for 30+ minutes annoying everyone and not knowing where to put my face.

If there's a moral dilemma then it's that I know CoL don't out up much of a fight for PCNs (nearly all uncontested at patas) vs being abused by passing traffic, not least the buses.

I'm a big boy now; I'll take the latter option.
As JFK might have said: think not what my council can do for me, but what I can do for my council.

Can you park the other end of the bus stop, or is that too far away? Just the road is wider there (where the Kangoo? is) on GSV.

Hey Neil

Forgive me for being pedantic but the link you posted says Croydon yet the picture is of fenchurch ec1?

Hope your well..

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