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Full Version: central birmingham parking ticket
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Was visiting a friend in central Birmingham on Saturday, found a parking space and paid £2.70 for an hours parking.

I then phoned my friend who told me i was parked in the wrong street and there were empty bays outside his place, got back in my van and drove about 300 metres and parked up again.

Came back to my van to find a parking ticket, is there anything i can do with this?

I checked the ticket machine in the street and the parking there was quite a bit cheaper.

I also took a picture of my van with the ticket i bought clearly displayed, i removed my details from the parking ticket but there was nothing in the columns for 'pay and display ticket number' and 'pay and display expiry time'
At present you and we don't know the precise reason for the PCN - the CEO couldn't clearly see your P&D or they could and it was not applicable for that place?

The only way you'll find out is to challenge and state your case: you parked in &&& and purchased a P&D ticket which expired at $$$$ which you displayed correctly in your vehicle. Subsequently you moved your vehicle to a different location but still covered by your P&D ticket and therefore you cannot understand on what basis the council served the PCN.

Providing you submit your challenge within the 14-day period the council will in all probability extend the discount for a further 14 days after they've replied.

The reason you were issued a PCN is that Holliday Street (Or at least the stretch of Holliday Street where you bought your ticket) is considered 'inner zone', whereas Berkley Street is 'outer zone'. You can't use an inner zone ticket in an outer zone and vice versa. I hope that's help to anyone else who comes across your message.
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