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Full Version: PCM Clamped us- Insufficient Lighting?
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tori b
On Saturday Night my partner parked outside our flat, we have only moved here 2 days previous and in the meantime his £300 push bike was stolen from our supposedly secure car park (which had a broken door so can’t claim on insurance) and didn’t realise the area was under clamping rules.

At 8:55am Sunday the car was clamped. And my other half was advised if he didn’t pay in 10 more minutes it would go to £280 due to calling a tow truck.

At night, the signs are not visible, they do have lamps above them but they are not lit.

In the day yes they can be seen, but not at night, the signs are also not at eye level, even if in a car and looking around.

I have checked the SIA, it’s kosher,
Although running a credit checks on these dodgy geezers shows:

In the last 24 months there have been:

6 unsatisfied CCJ(s) at a cost of £1,073
The last unsatisfied CCJ was issued on 28 May 2012
Issued Description Value Court Case No.
28 May 2012 County Court Judgement £275 NORTHAMPTON CCBC 2QT20398
24 Feb 2012 County Court Judgement £161 NORTHAMPTON CCBC 2QT04596
20 Jan 2012 County Court Judgement £160 STAINES 1SM00545
07 Dec 2011 County Court Judgement £161 NORTHAMPTON CCBC 1QZ17589
25 Nov 2011 County Court Judgement £156 NORTHAMPTON CCBC 1QZ28835
19 Oct 2011 County Court Judgement £160 NORTHAMPTON CCBC 1QZ05700
01 Mar 2010 Voluntary Arrangement Completed
20 Aug 2004 Voluntary Arrangement

My other half was forced to pay the £130 fee, and we did cancel his card less than 30 minutes after the car was released. It’s a visa debit, so can he still chargeback?

Alternatively I will just look at sending letters, to push for a refund. I looked at the PO Box address for appeals but it’s residential!!!

The signs do state no parking at any time. But are 10ft up on walls of buildings so it’s not actually noticeable, I also have bad eyesight and cannot actually read what the signs say from a reasonable distance.

I will post evidence up tomorrow but just thought I'd get any more info from people on this forum, I have used this forum before but only to read threads and you seem a great community.


You can try calling your bank for a chargeback, but good luck - I think you will end up going down the County Court route.

Let us see the receipt ASAP.
What does your lease / rental agreement / freehold say about parking. You'll need to sue someone to get your money back (easy to do) but you need to get your details spot on.

Also pics of the signs so we can identify which PCM it is as there is more than one.

And a pic of the receipt as the SIA number may be ok but the receipt may not be. Scrub your details off the scan/pic.
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