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Full Version: Pulled last sunday
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Just some advice please.
I was pulled over last sunday travelling on an a road in north yorkshire.
I was on my motorbike, lovelly long clear stretch of road hedges each side, slowed down as i came to brow of a hill.  Over top 200m 2 police vans pulling me in.  Usual do you know how fast you were going, i did not because being a motorcylist you focus on the road and not your speado.
I was told 99.  I said how do you know? apparantly their was an officer a mile back with a Pro Laser 3.  End of it got an NIP.

Anoying thing is i saw no other vehicle for about 3 miles before getting stopped.  So i turned round and went back to see where the copper was.

Plain clothes, jeans and t-shirt hid behind a bush!! jumped out once you had passed!! i thought this was a bid off.

Anyway any advice would be appreciated.

Unfortunately allegations, when you are stopped at the time, are the hardest to beat.
All that is required is the statement from the policeman that he formed the opinion that you were travelling at excees speed, and the gun corroborated his opinion, and displayed a speed of 99 MPH.
Unless you are prepared to get Nick Freeman (several £K, probably), you are likely stuffed.
The Rookie
With JA on this....the copper (as he is presumably thus and not directly or indirectly working for the Scamafia) are quite entitled to do this, and lets face it, its almost certain you were speeding. HOWEVER once the summons arrives (as it surely will) you will need to check the evidence carefully as its not unknown when you are 'zapped' by one officer and stopped by another for the link of evidence between the two to be iffy enough to query that the right person was stopped/right speed allocated to that person, its not likely, but possible!


Since this will go to Court, don't give up hope just yet.
The paperwork will be the key here.  Wait till you see what you receive and then it can be taken from there  :D

Does anybody know of a specialist motoring solicitor in the yorkshire area.
I feel the need for a chat!!!

Thanks sad.gif
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