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Full Version: Bailiffs and speeding Fine
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I have had a bailiff turn up at my house demanding £575 for a speeding ticket £360 for the fine and £215 for turning up but I have received no notice of them turning up, I did know that it had gone to court but not the bailiffs, there was a hold up on paying the speeding ticket so I accept that and have paid the fine but dispute the fact that I have to pay the attendance fee as I told him I had received no notice and he said a letter had been sent out, the letter in fact turned up two days later asking for the £360 but no attendance fee which as I have said I had no issue with paying and would have if I had received the letter warning of their intention.
Aretnap are reputed to be very good with these type of things. There is a small fee. We don;t get a cut.

fees seem high - as usual for Bs.
BAO is the definitive resource when it gets to this stage
keep the envelope with the date stamp,
The envelope has the date on saying it was posted before they turned up but as it was only posted 2nd class there was no way it would have turned up before them!
Common trick. They wouldn't want you to pay up quickly and miss out on the chance to charge an attendance fee, would they?

Did you try bailiff advice online?
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