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Hi, Sorry, but I havent yet recieved a NIP but I feel like I am on death row because I know of 2 incidents where I may of eben got. Basically I have alreay got 6 points (2 x SP30's) for low mileage offences so hence why I ma worried.

recently, A mobile Van has appeared right outside ther entrance to the buissiness park I work on. Its there on random days. Anyway Last Friday I was expecting it to be there so I slowed down in my new 2 day old car but by the time I got closer to the Van I had foolishly crept up and I was at 35ish when I looked at my speedo, now I haven't a clue at what point is gets you but thats my first worry and that was on the 22nd July. Anyway I then done the exact asme god damn thing on Monday 1st Aug. So now I'm thining I could have 6 points in the post.

Loads of people I work with have been done by this camera and 4 of them have already had NIP for the 22nd July but I havent? Is this good or is this maybe because my car is newly registered and it just hasn't found its way to me yet. I did get regitration docs but I sent them back due to a typo?

Also what can I do because I cant afford to lose my liscence. I travel 70miles to work each way every week day and I am on call, so my car is vital to my job, vital to my ex-wife and kids who depend on maintanance from me and vital to me if I want to see my kids :-( I am crapping it even though I havent recieved anything yet?

Whats my best course of action? Was I the driver of the car icon_wink.gif

I cant afford to screw this up?
no point in doing anything unless you get an nip, (what can you do)?
If your speedo stated 35, you were probably doing a couple of mph less than that (most speedos overrecord), so you may be ok (they are unlikely to prosecute for anything less than 35).
Either way, it's absolutely NO point in worrying yourself sick about it. Even if you did know - Theres bugger all you could do until you get the NIP..
Thank guy's, I hope it doesn't come to it.

Maybe you could answer a couple of queries though.

A friend has advised that i might be able to wangle a Speed awareness coure and a higher fine in place of points? But he aslo said that if you then re-affend you get the new points and the points that you should of got before?

Also another friend told me that if you aquire your 12 poinys by totting up speed offenses theres a new rule that give you 13 points so you dont get a ban? Is that true?

Thanks, and fingers crossed. PS -  the vehicle registration document came today :-( maybe the NIP's will follow shortly :'-(

Tomorrow will be 14 days since the first maybe offence?

Thanks again guy's

I look forward to hopefully not dealing with you :-)
The Rookie
You get offered a speed awareness course, you don't wangle it, and as far as I'm aware they still charge you £60 for the lecture, you just keep the licence clean!

No, you can plead exceptional hardship to avoid a ban, get a bigger fine, BUT you can't keep doing it, and if you get caught again the ban will be worse.

Also another friend told me that if you aquire your 12 poinys by totting up speed offenses theres a new rule that give you 13 points so you dont get a ban? Is that true?

Your friend is quite frankly full of sh*t  :roll:

You can go to court and plead (and beg) if you are likely to be banned under a totter-upper and you can also plead extreme hardship where due to job/family etc etc etc etc etc then they might not impose the ban.

However your reasons generally have to cause 'EXTREME' hardship, not just hardship (a letter from the boss normally helps a bit too)

But all of this is somewhat academic  :wink:

I do hope we hear nothing else from you on this matter  :D
I agree: it is most unlikely that you were speeding either at all or by a significant margin. If you were speeding slightly, you may be offered a speed-awareness course. However, not long to wait, as the NIP must be served within 14 days of the offence.
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