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Full Version: 80mph in a 60mph Zone
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Hi guys, I'm wondering if any of you can possibly give me any advice on the following...

This evening (approximately 11.40pm) I was driving down a lit, single carriageway/national speed limit road and inexcusably was clocked going 80mph in the 60mph zone. I am in no way disputing this fact (although I was shocked when the officer showed me this reading on his gun) and I'm not going to reel off some ridiculous excuse. There was no cars around, weather was good, visibility was good and for some subconcious reason I kept my foot down longer than I should have.

Basically, as I was driving down said road, the first I saw of this was a man (NOT in a high visibility jacket but I could see the reflective tabards on his vest) stood in the middle of the road and truth be told, I was shocked at how poorly visible he was. He waved me into a Layby where I could see his marked Volvo Estate hidden nicely behind a hedgerow and went through the usual "how fast do you think you were doing?" "what is the speed limit?". Needless to say I was fully compliant and he asked me to take a seat in the back of his car.

I was breathalysed, he questioned me on my name/dob and address and I did hand over the card part of my drivers license (I have read somewhere that this is the wrong thing to do). I was then given a Fixed Penalty Notice (Endorsable Offence) and told I need to present both parts of my licence at the local police station within 7 days.

Truth be told, aside from the fact that he issued me with the notice, the officer was a pleasant enough chap. Wasnt in any way rude/intimidating or overly forceful and from the little information I could find, I'd be lying if I said the officer didnt say anything he SHOULD have said and likewise, he didnt say anything he shouldnt I dont think.

Whilst I accept that I was speeding, I have a clean license and have done for 6 years or so (been driving for 8) and I do of course want to keep it that way. I asked the officer what the chances were of me doing a 'Speed Awareness Course' and whilst he couldnt give me a definitive answer, a quick search on the internet shows that I am more than likely over the threshold to attend one of these courses. I was advised by the officer that worst case scenario was that it would be a fixed penalty of 3 points/£60 fine but given that I'm 24 and have an insurance group 17 car, these points will I fear, have a big impact on my renewal which is due in 3 months time.

My queries are; How can I check whether the officer was Legally located? Should I be able to request a certificate of corroboration? Is there a way I can ensure I go on the Speed Awareness Course and not recieve the fixed penalty? Is there any other advice or guidance you can offer to avoid having my license tarnished?

I have searched the forums but I'm finding it difficult to find any information on roadside issued fixed penaltys using hand held devices. My apologies in advance if these are glaringly obvious and I've somehow missed them.

Thank in advance guys and girls

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