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Full Version: Bus Lane Contravention
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I'm new to this forum, and am interested in people's opinions on my dilemma:

My husband has a PCN issued on the strength of a photo of riding a bike in a bus lane. However, he has received 2 PCN's with the exact same photo, (ie same date, and time down to the second, and it is obvious the photo's are identical), but the photos have different reference numbers on them as do the PCN's.

I am thinking of asking him to contest both of these on validity of the camera photos, ie how can a camera take 2 photos at the same time with different reference numbers?

But if this is rejected, I'm concerned he may have to pay both, I'm assuming you can only contest once.

Obviously one PCN should be cancelled, but I'm not sure whether he should try to get them both cancelled. (infuriated at the injustice of it!)

Both PCN's have the same date and arrived in the post on the same day too.

Your opinions are much appreciated..........
Pete D
"riding a bike in a bus lane" do you mean a pedal bike or a motor bike. This sounds like an admin error sending a second PCN. Pete D
Having thought about that, it must have been a motor bike to have a reg plate to ID the RK. Pete D

yes, sorry, I meant a motorbike.

Is this in the right section? Anyway, please post up the PCNs,less personal details and VRM. All of them. Of course he can contest all of them. But we need to see the paperwork to check it is all ok.
The Rookie
A Moderator will move it to the council and decrim where it belongs.

DON'T contact them until you have the best advice, clearly te duplicate will help with one, I doubt it will help with the other.
Make sure that they are appealed separately and you identify the correct (later) one as the duplicate
Pete P
Just out of interest, where was this? It has been legal for motorcycles to use bus lanes down here for at least the last 5 years.
Oops, apologies, yes I think I've posted this in the wrong section. (newbie, sorry).

This was in Shepherds Bush, London. My husband too thought motorbikes could use bus lanes but after this PCN I investigated and found out that it is only in SOME bus lanes, (and not very many), and it is indicated by the picture of a motorbike at the beginning of the bus lane. As if there isn't enough for bikers to be looking out for....

My advice to him is to avoid bus lanes altogether, rather have him concentrating on the road and conditions that watching out for signs at the beginning of bus lanes.... sad.gif
I am unsure whether the OP wants help. Please post up the PCN if you do and tell us where this was.
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