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Full Version: Potential Court Apperance Friday
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chuck fadanoid
I may be going to court Friday to answer to two charges, one of speeding and one of failure to supply driver info S172.

I have pleaded not guilty by post and have also written a letter to both the Clerk of the Justices and the CPS asking why am I being prosecuted for speeding without the NIP, and for proof of postage of the NIP and subsequent final demand letter as I never received them (only last week I had mail from another house land on my doorstep, and this number wasn't even similar!).

However I have not received a reply to either the not guilty plea and the letters. If I dont get anything before Friday morning I am in court.

Is there anything, whilst in court, that I really shouldn't say or really should say? I think the case will be adjourned but its gone this far, I dont trust them to do things right!

My basic facts are that I never received a NIP or final demand letter (I live in south Wales so, to anybody's best knowledge, were NIP's sent second class around May?) and that without the signed NIP the speeding charge should be dropped.

They probably wont believe me but I am giving it a shot.

Any last minute advice?
dosent the cps have to disclose all evidence to be used in its case at lesat 7 days befor ethe trial?

which therefore would allow you to post you "not guilty" plea to the magistrates while outlinign why you think this is the csae (eg tearing apart their evidence in the letter, i'm mean there's nothing they'll have right)
Best of luck chuck, let us know how you get on....

Hope you can work it out !

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