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i have received a nip. i drive a tanker for a oil company. i was photographed doing 53 mph in a 40 mph. this was on a striaght road in the countryside. can you help me understand the law please.
this is my first speeding notice. i have a clean licence.
Have you read this post?  

Try and give as much information as you can.  It's in your best interests.  :wink:   Welcome aboard.  :D
extra questions...
Was this a two lane road as opposed to a duel c/way as the limit for HGV's is 40..
gatsos can tell the differance between cars and lorries!
and do you have a tacho reading for this time?
the date of the offence was 02/07/05.
i received my nip 27/07/05.
the lorry is not leased (i think they buy them, i am try to find out).
i do not have my tacho, we can only keep them for 3 weeks.
the speed is probably wright.
it was a single carrageway.
is there any hope for me sad.gif
You have a number of options.
1. Name your self hope to get fixed penalty pay £60 three points, police get the fine to buy more cameras icon_eek.gif
2. name your self ignore the fixed penalty, you may or may not get a summons, however being an hgv you may get a bigger fine in court + costs (typically £35) but the police dont get the fine.
3. Pace route here , Name yourself but not on thier form. You may or may not get a summons, You can fold and plead guilty or fight it all the way.
with a little help from some friends. police don't get the fines.

You have 28 days to reply. Don't rush, use it wisely and read up.
i do not have my tacho, we can only keep them for 3 weeks.

I assume that you mean that you personally do not keep the tacho's?
If I were you, I would see your transport manager, and get a copy of that days tacho, so you can double check your speed.

extra questions...

Do you know which camera caught you? Was a Gatso, which catches you from behind, or Truvelo, which faces you? Or mobile?

1. Was the offence in England or Scotland
2. What is the name of the Constabulary
3. How many current points do you have?

Best wishes

the tachos go to be analysed, so the company does not have them at this time.
the camera was a gatso  from behind
it happend in cambridgeshire   between  royston and cambridge.
i have a clean licence.
it was me driving that day.

thanks to you all for all the help with my problem
Anton said:
3. Pace route here , Name yourself but not on thier form. You may or may not get a summons, You can fold and plead guilty or fight it all the way.

I would agree with Anton on this, as your next option.
You have 28 days to respond to the NIP, so I would wait until a few days before the deadline, and send in your Pace statement, attached to your blank NIP (with just the words "see attached letter"), and send it special delivery back to them.
Then it is just a waiting game to see what they do next.
They may send you a reminder, which is best ignoring, or a summons, in which case, let us know all the details of said summons, and what was in your bundle.

That is what I would do anyway.

Best wishes

After a bit of discussion we thought that it was a risk that the court would hit you heavily due to the type of load you carry. If you went to court CPS would wave photos around..

I presume the back of your lorry has hazchem lables?
*nod* be careful.  The beak may not take kindly to a few tons of nasty stuff being driven too fast.
taraandian - you say the offence occured in Cambridgeshire. Do their NOIPs still have the caution written on them - ie at the end of the form does it say "You are not obliged to say anything...."  :?:
thanks for your thoughts and ideas. i have to be carfull, so called pro driver. i think i will have to pay up and smile, take my points on the chin.
yes on the back of the trailor there is a hazard panell.
yes the caution is still on the bottom.
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