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Full Version: Speeding on the motorwats
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Can someone settle my nerves?

Today I was travelling on the m4. Like an idiot I overtook an unmarked police car doing 90mph. The police car flashed its blue lights for a couple of seconds and then turned them off. I hit my breaks and slowed down to 60mph. Will I get a ticket even though they didnt pull me over?
possibly, but proberbly not, it sound like a warning to me
If you are the registered keeper you should know within 14 days one way or the other.

I reckon you were just warned though, and I'd bet good money that nothing will come of it. 90 on your speedo will probably be closer to 85 in reality.

Unmarked cars can normally just wait another 10mins on fast motorways to grab a 100mph plus driver or more importantly someone who is driving like a dick.

Not guaranteed but I'd say relax and fair play to them for not pulling you, just warning.

Similar thing happened to my stepdad on a motorway although after briefly flashing the blues they drew alongside him and gestured to him to slow down.

He never heard any more about it.

I'd imagine you've been lucky!
I am Weasel
It happens quite regularly on the M4 between J10 and J5 and I've had it happen to me quite a few times in the last 20 years or so of regularly commuting along the M4. Nothing has come of it so far and it has only happened in free moving high-speed traffic when I was doing 80-90 ish in lane 3 with no traffic ahead and the unmarked car was travelling at around 70 in lane 2.
Yup, I've had this too, flashing blue lights after I undertook at 90. He goaded me in his unmarked BMW 5 series estate by sitting at 65 in the outside lane when he could easily have moved over. Frightened the living sh*t out of me when the lights went on in the dark. He was probably RALHAO.
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