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Full Version: Summons for no car tax
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Hi all.

I have a question regarding a summons for no car tax.

I scrapped my car in May 2011 after it had been SORN'd for a few months previously. The scrap yard collected the car from my mother-in-law's house (where it was off the road) and i sent off the yellow slip of the V5.

TBH i didnt even realise that i did not get a letter from the DVLA confirming they had acknowledged the transfer to the scrap yard. However, in July 2011, i received a letter from from the County Council stating "my" car had been spotted illegally parked in a town about 15 miles away and they wanted their £70 fine. I posted a photocopy of the V5 slip dated May and they accepted this.

As the DVLA had clearly not updated their records i wrote to them advising them again of the change of owner, and provided a copy of the V5 slip. After a week i had not heard from them, i called them and they had no idea what i was not the registered keeper and was advised to write again.

I did this and then forgot all about it. Until in November i got a friendly letter from the DVLA saying they were taking me to court for non-payment of car tax, unless i pay them £250. On the form was a reply slip where i could explain that i wasnt the owner.

I sent this off, after photocopying it and received a letter a short while later confirming i was no longer the owner, but dated 9 January 2012.

I then received 5 further parking tickets from the County Council, all of which were overturned with the copy of the V5 slip.

Then on Thursday this week, i received a court summons for the offence of being the registered keeper of a SORN'd car seen on the public highway in October 2011.

So the evidence i have is a photocopy of the V5 slip when i scrapped the car, a letter from the council dated July 2011 confirming they had cancelled the parking ticket as i wasnt the owner, a letter from the DVLA dated Jan 2012 confirming i am no longer the owner, and 5 further letters from the council confirming the parking tickets have been dropped against me from between Oct and Dec 2012.

My question is, what should i do now? Should i attend court? Would the DVLA drop the charge if i went to see them with the evidence?

If i do go to court, do you think i would win. Would i be able to claim expenses for a day off work if i win?

Sorry for an epic of a first post

I would not try going to see the DVLA, I would write back pointing out the history of the matter, enclosing copies of your evidence and invite them to drop the charge.
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