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Full Version: 38 in a 30, NIP received.
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Even though I have visited this forum in the past, I have never registered and only visited to read through some of the very useful information.

I received a NIP through the post today (suprise!), but upon reading closely, even though the V5 has my name on as the registered keeper, the Mrs' was driving the car at the time of the alleged offence.

She has a totally clean licence, been driving for around 7 years.

She clearly remembers the day of the incident! (I also remember her telling me about seeing a camera van parked on the side of the road that day, and that she cautiously slowed down!!!)

Should I just fill the NIP in and send it back with her details on as driver? Is there anything else I should do? or tell her shes going to have to take it on the chin!!


You need to fill it in to avoid a S172 charge. Either you or your wife can write in for pictures "to help ID the driver", which might show something odd up, unlikely though. What they'll most likely show is that your wife was caught before she spotted the van.
At that speed she should be eligible for a safety/awareness course. Will probably be a little more than the standard £60 penalty but will avoid the points...
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