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Full Version: Company Car - speeding ticket
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Hi all, I am new here but hoping someone might be able to advise.

My husband has a company car that is leased through a hire company. We have today received notification that he committed a speeding offence on 30/11/11, obviously falling outside of the 14 day limit of intention to prosecute.

Because the car is leased, it is registered to the hire company so the police would have had to send the original ticket to the hire company, who would then have forwarded the companies details on.

I am assuming that if the original notice to the lease company was within the 14 days then we are still liable for this ticket? I just wondered if anyone had experienced similar or knew of any loopholes?!

If not then we will have to just suck it up but I thought it would be worth finding out.

Many thanks
A NIP has to be served on the registered keeper (probably the hire company) within 14 days of the offence. There's nothing to lose by asking the hire company when they got their NIP, but it will very probably have been within the 14 day limit.

As you say once the hire company have named your husband (or is the latest addressed to your hubby's company), and sent a new NIP. There's no particular time limit for these subsequent NIPs, other than the 6 month limit for him to be prosecuted.

Get your husband to do the NIP wizard and post the results here if you'd like some more detailed help.
No defence there, so it looks like you might have to suck it up, what was the alleged speed and the limit? A speed awareness course could be a possibility in England and Wales.
You definitely have to ID the driver no matter what. If the NIP didn't go to the registered keeper within 14 days then absent any valid reason why they couldn't determine the name and address of the registered keeper they can't prosecute the speeding.

It's not clear if this is the third S172 (hire -> company -> husband) or not; by all means, chase up the hire company (making sure it's their name on the V5C and not someone before them even) just in case, what with it being Christmas and all.

Thanks all, no suprises there then!

The latest NIP has come to the company so that has to now be sent back naming my husband and then I think they will send one directly to him then.

Ah well, he did the crime so he'll just have to suck it up, just could have done without the fine right now!

He was doing 60 in a 50 - silly boy!

Thanks again all.
It doesn't look possible to engineer a time-out from these dates so his best option is a course.

These won't be offered more than about three months into the proceedings so he wants his company to reply quickly and then do the same when he receives his own NIP
I am pretty sure i went through a gatso camera doing 60mph in a 40 in a company car,, what is the likely outcombe? how long before i find out
QUOTE (jayb1988 @ Thu, 19 Jan 2012 - 18:28) *
I am pretty sure i went through a gatso camera doing 60mph in a 40 in a company car,, what is the likely outcombe? how long before i find out

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