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Full Version: 97mph on M1
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Dear Helpful People,

Just been pulled over for the above offence. Apparently I am just 2mph over a fixed penalty notice. Background, if helpful, was that there was another motorist goading me (tailgating, following me lane to lane, undertaking) for several miles before I finally decided to just put my foot down.

I have no active points at present, but have had a total of 12 points in the past spread over 2004 -2008.

I am a hospital doctor and use my car for commuting to different rotations around the region in which I work, so obviously quite worried about losing my licence.


1. Should I seek legal advice and representation (despite being a doctor, I'm hardly wealthy enough for this unless absolutely necessary)
2. I thought there was a +/-2 mph error on these machines, would it help to point this out to the magistrate?
3. Should I even bother going to the hearing?
4. How likely am I to escape with a few points and a fine?

Thanks eversomuch.
no a ban is VERY unlikely at worse 6 points

there is no point getting a solicitor if your going guilty

there is no point arguing the speed down from 97 to 95 as , once at court the penalty will be much the same anyway

worth going if it quite local and you can get time off
You won't be getting a NIP, the next thing you will get is a summons, could be up to 6 months before it turns up. You are probably looking at 6 points and a large fine, below 100 a ban is unlikely. The speed will be deemed to be accurate unless you can prove otherwise, which is tough to do.
Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.
As above, a disqualification is unlikely unless there are aggravating features such as poor weather conditions or other bad driving, and will not happen without you being given a chance to attend and make your case. On a good day you might even get 5 rather than 6 points. The fine is likely to be equivalent to one week's net income, less 33% for a G plea. You will be able to plead G by post, you do not have to attend. In the very unlikely event that the bench thinks disqualification should be considered, you would be asked to attend on another occasion. You can put in mitigation but I would not mention being harassed by another driver, the bench might well feel the safer course of action was to slow down rather than try to outrun him. Better to mention the clear weather and light traffic if that was the case, ie absence of aggravating features. Grovel a bit, "moment of foolishness" etc, caring profession, should have known better, and ask for them to keep the penalty as low as they feel able.
Look here - this is almost guaranteed to make you feel better, in the short term at least.
Feeling a lot of love for this forum. Good advice, generously given.

Are you all lawyers? If so, you don't deserve your reputation!
No, only a few of us are legally qualified.
I was caught on the M1 near the M25 section .. 102 to 104 mph, got 6 points and a 500 fine... the cleark of courts said.. lucky heatrfordshire, as I left court..
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