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Full Version: Loading Bay (again)
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I think i know the answer to this...i parked in an area which i now know to have said "no parking except for loading"...but it looked like a normal parking space. It was for a job interview (which i didnt get...sheesh!) do i have any grounds?.

As i have details of the company and the bloke interviewing me my mates said i can produce a delivery note get it printed with the company logo and job the council have asked me for a delivery note if i want to appeal.

Id rather get out of this legally if i can..i feel if i followed my "good friends" advice id be risking perverting the course of justice and a whole bigger headache so if i have to pay i will...just wondered?
Start by posting up the ticket, every page, with your personal details removed but leaving all the dates
I suspect it wouldn't have said "no parking, loading only". Perhaps Loading Only combined with a No Waiting sign (not words).

Precision is necessary.

Hello i cant find the original pcn which is really irritating.

Now whats doubly galling is the denial i sent went to as it turns out it should be

They are now asking for 70 quid and i cant see how i can get out of it....How i really hate these people 10 am and not a car in sight now im left with this and unemployed. Theyve been really unhelpful too not being able to supply a copy of PCN ...i might as well drag it to appeal now as i have nothing to lose. It must be me even at the last crummy job u had i got parking fines ...oh well at least i dont work for that wretched bank anymore.
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