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Full Version: Steyne Road Bus Lane PCN
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Hello, I am challenging a 'Being in a Bus Lane’ PCN on behalf of my mother, which is now at Enforcement Notice stage. I am challenging on the grounds that the CCTV footage and photographic evidence presented is not sufficient to prove that it was our car in the Bus Lane.

As per the instructions on the PCN, I emailed to request a viewing of the footage, however, I also had to email our informal representation within 14 days, and as I had not yet been able to view the footage I stated our case as ‘de minimis’, as I thought it had been a case of straying into the Bus Lane on trying to exit a supermarket car park in standstill traffic.

Two months later we received a response declining our representation, and at the same time was enclosed a CD with a copy of the CCTV footage. On first viewing the CCTV footage, my mother and I both stated immediately that it could not be our car (same make and colour perhaps, but the make and model of the car is popular) for the fact that there are 2 people seated in the front, and my mother would have been alone. As I wanted to check the registration number of the car in the footage, I then realised that it is not visible at any stage on the CCTV footage. I checked back to the 2 photographs on the original PCN and saw that one was a still from the CCTV (no registration number visible), and the other was a close-up black & white photo of the front bonnet of the car, the left wheel and the registration plate, and apart from a double yellow line next to the front wheel of the car, no other detail of locale in the photo placing it in the Bus Lane or at that location at all.

I emailed Parking Services at the Council to state that we believed that the footage they sent us was not of our car, and asked if they could send us any further footage or photos to match-up. They replied by letter to advise us: that the camera used to capture the vehicle registration mark (VRM) is separate to the camera used to capture the footage of the contravention. The cameras are both mounted at the same location and are in sync. The camera used to capture the VRM is configured to capture the VRM at the same point in time as the separate camera, which gives the overview image of the vehicle in contravention. This can be confirmed by the timings on both images. The difference is that the camera used to capture the VRM is an ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera. The image of the VRM is in black and white as the contrast between the two colours makes the VRM clearer and easier to capture.

We were not entirely satisfied with this response, so I emailed Parking Services to ask again for more detailed footage and details of the cameras and how they are kept in sync. I did not receive a reply to this email, just the Enforcement Notice through the post. On receiving the Enforcement Notice, I telephoned Parking Services to ask for further assistance, I was told that other than the footage and photos we have already received, there is no other evidence available. I even asked if they had a higher resolution copy of the footage to view and was told that I had been sent the same resolution of footage they had. I then asked if I could have any details of the cameras and how they were kept in sync. They said they would call back with further details, and I was called the next day and told that the CCTV was automated and that the CCTV triggered the other camera, and I was told that they cannot provide me with any information as to how the cameras are synced. I was advised to write a formal challenge.

I wondered if anyone here knows more about this synced camera system; or would know about any relevant regulation regarding the presentation of CCTV footage as evidence; or if/how any data should be imprinted on the image itself (I do remember reading something about this on my initial research, but now am unable to find it again).

Any help most gratefully received.
Scan and post up all sides of the ticket (and any other paperwork received) - edit out your personal details and your car reg. and the PCN number (from the SCANNED version that is!) before uploading.

P.S. Is this Steyne Road outside "Morrisons" in Acton?
If it is from Steyne Road, Acton other posts on Pepipoo show the data displayed
by that camera is similar to one of the Unattended Enforcement images embedded in this page,

A downloadable video on another page of that website shows a typical
system and procedures,

This video by another company show the images captured by the colour
and black and white cameras you describe being reviewed and

An online search for certification of approved devices will produce links
to the information about the data imprinted on the video you requested in
your final paragraph and PaTAS describe their video requirements in the
Practice Manual for London Enforcement Authorities

I even asked if they had a higher resolution copy of the footage to view and was told that I had been sent the same resolution of footage they had.

Have you got that response to your question in writing?
How does the resolution of the copy you were sent compare with
the actual resolution of the camera and recording system?
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