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Full Version: Parking in a loading bay
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HI all,

I`m in a piffle about a parking charge sent to me from Enfield Council, I am a Multi drop driver and had been working for DPD at the time on a Saturday 10/12/11 approx 09.43

I got photographed in a loading bay with a single Yellow Line in Church Street EN2 on the side of the KFC..

Even stopped a ticket from windshield by shouting " oi boss, im leaving " but I got captured via the cctv.

Help!! what can I do ?

As the loading bay was the only thing I was looking at. as other loading/parking bays were full.

Its a one way system, and Single yellow most of the way, I tried the google picture close up, but the street has changed since it was a double yellow with no loading bay for comparision.

Thanks all who are viewing, and considering answers.



Scan and post up all sides of the ticket (and any other paperwork received) - edit out your personal details and your car reg. and the PCN number (from the SCANNED version that is!) before uploading.
sorry - unable to upload but is a standard headed letter ..

""""" The PCN is being served by post on the basis of a record produced by an approved device.
the Vehicle identified above ( my reg and details ) was observed at 09.43 on the 10/12/2011 and the authorit believes that a Penalty Charge is payable
with respect to the above vehicle for the following alleged parking contravention:

02j parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force

Location : Church Street EN2
Date of contravention : 10/12/2011 ......... Time 09:43 """"

all other details explain how to check out the pictures..........
Neil B
QUOTE (jassman @ Thu, 22 Dec 2011 - 23:51) *
standard headed letter ..

No such thing.

If in doubt see other cases and why we need it.

Loading exemption seems clear. Should be straightforward.

You mentioned 'preventing a PCN' - was that a CEO present at the same time? -- or some other unrelated occasion?
Neil B

Yes there was a guy who I had stopped from giving me a PCN at the time or there abouts.
And secondly the quotion is direct from the letter as im un-able to upload the actuall document, Sorry having problems with the interweb. sad.gif
The loading bay is irrelevant for the purposes of this alleged contravention. This arises because the contravention relates to the SYL therefore it must have occurred at a time when the bay's restriction was not in force.

GSV just shows road works so we need to know from you:

a pic or description of the sign which applies to the bay; the SYL and what, if any, loading restrictions apply (it's the kerb "blips" associated with the SYL which are the "no loading restrictions" in the PCN); the No Loading traffic sign in or near the bay (or possibly on the controlled parking zone entry sign).

And the PCN

Neil B
QUOTE (Neil B @ Fri, 23 Dec 2011 - 00:02) *
Loading exemption seems clear. Should be straightforward.

Ignore that. Just realised my stupid mistake.

Hope the Above helps .. the code talk has confused me huh.gif mellow.gif rolleyes.gif
A SYL is in a loading bay. The only way that this can work is if the loading bay is operational for part of the day and the SYL for a period outside that. For example, loading bay operational from 6.30am to 5.30 pm; the SYL from 5.30pm to 9pm; and from 9pm to 06.30 no restrictions apply. Each element is mutually exclusive i.e. you cannot have more than one of these in play at any one time. The sign that you can see at the front of the bay tells all, but we cannot see it. What does it state?

However, the standard contravention with a SYL is parked etc. in a restricted street, a SYL has nothing to do with loading. But loading restrictions can operate in tandem with SYL waiting and these must be indicated by yellow "blips" on the kerb and a white no loading sign (which seems to be the lower panel on the sign). But I cannot see any blips on the kerb, however, the photos not clear.

In order for the alleged contravention to be correctly signed you must have been parked on the SYL at a time when the SYL was in force; a separate (from the loading bay) restriction was also in place; and yellow blips were on the kerb.

The question is, were they?

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