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I am new to the forum so not sure what info is needed to get some advice. My partner and I got several fines for ' failing to comply with a restriction on vehicles entering a pedestrian zone' 53j in Barking, precisely on Ripple Road. The issue is that we were moving home and and access to the house we were leaving was only through a gate on Ripple Road. I was wondering if any of you knew if this would be considered as a mitigating circumstance and on which other grounds we could appeal.
Please let me know if it may help for me to post more info (e.g. photographs, etc.). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,
Scan and post up all sides of ONE of the tickets (and any other paperwork received) - edit out your personal details and your car reg. and the PCN number (from the SCANNED version that is!) before uploading.

My scanner has decided to stop working and I have been unable to scan the ticket for now. Our PCN looks very much like this one:

The difference is that the pictures were taken on the Ripple Road side. Since my last post we have checked a few things.

- there is no sign indicating that there is a CCTV, and my understanding is that they should make you aware of this;
- on the sign it say 'no access except for local buses and access to Vicarage Field at any time and for loading in marked bays. Mon-Sat 6-10:30 am, 5-7pm'. To access Vicarage Field, which is a shopping centre, you need to drive past that point to a side gate. We needed to access the only other gate on the same street almost in front of the one for Vicarage Field. So my point is how can they assume we were not accessing Vicarage Field? And why would we not be allowed to access the only other gate on the street, which basically has the same function than the other one, which is providing access to shops.
Also it does not specify that it is access to a specific gate. Any part on that road could be access to Vicarage field. Would this be taken into account?
- They have not done any provision for residents leaving in flats where the shops are and we know from our neighbors' experience that it is almost impossible to get some allowance when you have to move or for special circumstances.

Also, a friend of ours got a fine too, to help us move out and we wanted to appeal on his behalf. Is it something that could be done?

Many thanks for any advice
Please take a picture of both sides of one of the PCNs, no need for a scanner.

Here is an edited copy of one of the ticket.

I also had a few more questions. Can they issue more than one ticket for the same offence on the same day?
Also, we would be unable to pay for all the fines immediately should they reject the appeal. Is there any law that could allow splitting payments, in the worst scenario possible?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

A Council does not have any obligation to accept payment by installment. That is not to say that they won't do but you will need to enter into discussion with them.

Given that this is a moving traffic contravention, I guess that they can issue more than one PCN in a 24 hr period.
Is there any way we could appeal against it?

I have raised a few points in a previous post... We were moving house and had not other option...

Many thanks
Why not Google 'Ripple Road pedestrian PCN' and see what others have appealed on. It's a well-known place on here, there have been loads of other threads for your research.
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