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Full Version: Parking Ticket Help!
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Hi guys my heavily pregnant wife managed to get a ticket the otherday i know its only £25 but its near to christmas and would rather keep the money for myself than the council! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is the link to the ticket as had trouble posting picture on here.

Many thanks look forward to your help!

Tell us a bit more, was it in a car park or on-street and what was the contravention alleged?

You need to show pics attached to your reply, not a link.

Read 'how to post pictures' which is in the FAQs and show us the front and back of the PCN here on the thread. Only cover the car reg and PCN number, leave all other details visible.
please remove the vrm and other identifying features.
Hi guys it was in a car park council run behind where my wife works. Sorry the pictures just wont load up via this website at all have tried again, Just keeps saying uploading. mat
Seeing as it's nearly Christmas

But seriously, you do have to take the trouble to do this. Easy when you know how, and easy to find out how. FAQ.
Have a look on their website and if it says they 'will' re-offer the discount if they receive an early appeal before the end of day 14 then your wife may as well try. Was she only minutes over the paid for time? If less than 5 mins then it could be worth challenging the Council to show that the CEO synchronised his/her watch with the machine in the car park before issuing PCNs. If she was longer then it may be worth appealing on the mitigating circumstances of being unavoidably delayed (very pregnant, braxton hicks pains or call of nature maybe slowed down her return, if true?).
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