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Full Version: Towed in Hackney - £265 fine
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I parked on a single yellow line on Reading Lane, Hackney E8 last night at 8.45, assuming it would be fine after 7pm. I went to the Hackney Picture House on Mare street and emerged at 11.15pm to find my car gone. I assumed it had been stolen. I tried to ring the local police station and eventually rang 999, who directed me to another line 'Trace' who informed me my car was in a Hackney car pound.

I notice that others have had similar experiences and hope to be able to recoup the £265 fine, or at least £200, if I make the correct appeal. On the stretch of single yellow line there is no visible sign to say that parking is illegal until 11pm. There is no mention of towing whatsoever. I returned this morning to take a photo of the stretch of road. There are signs further up the road that were not visible to me.

I didn't cycle because I feel nervous about cycling in the dark, the bus route is long and circuitous, so I took my car. It's quite scary to find oneself a victim of crime at that time of night when you're on your own - then to find out the council is behind the action. The cinema security guard told me it's a complete racket and the council are making thousands of pounds a week.

I was given an appeals form and can attach this and all documentation if need be. But I would be grateful in the first instance for any advice on how to go about my appeal and which posts to look at on this site.

Many thanks
We start with docs, it leaves no room for misunderstanding.

I'm familiar with this area, it is a Controlled Parking Zone operating til 11pm. There are CPZ signs scattered around the area and I am sure these do not comply to regulations but I will check when I get back home if they have missed out a road.

OK. Thanks. I will post docs when I return home. I was unaware of CPZ 11pm zones there. I turned left from Mare St into Reading Lane and parked on the left hand-side on the nearest stretch of single yellow line.
here's a link to my battle with Hackney
wantmymoneyback this is my case ongoing with Hackney- some very helpfull members on this forum

I should have a decision this month.

Does any1 know the cost to a council of disputing a ticket or tow to adjudication?
QUOTE (wantmymoneyback @ Thu, 8 Dec 2011 - 23:25) *
Does any1 know the cost to a council of disputing a ticket or tow to adjudication?
Near enough £45 for the PATAS hearing, and another £45 for them preparing the case.
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