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Full Version: Towed from a single yellow line in hackney, please help
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My car was towed from the front of my home on 15/11/2011, now the thing is that I live there for more than a year, and there is single yellow line there, but we always used to park there because there was no sign saying the hours.

the council have put up signs a few days before I got the ticket, they didn't notify the neighbors, do they have to notify? and can I appeal on the ground that they didn't?

also, the line is worn out on some places, (where I parked was the line ok), also the line finishes into a bus stop, does it still need a T bar?

one more question, am I allowed to load on a single yellow line, (the sign doesn't say anything)?

I really appreciate your help
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Is that all sides of all paperwork?

Your scenario reminds me of the "Parking suspended" type cases we see on here - where adequate notice of suspension isn't given - although in your case, it's a "permanent type of suspension of parking".

Can you get any photos of the yellow lines exactly where you were parked? If so, upload here.

Also if you can get photos of any new sign-posts about the "new" parking conditions

- and if possible a link from Google Street View to the same place, which may show us how the road appeared BEFORE the parking regime changed.
Neil B
SV link,,0,11.49

Not a CPZ.

If signs are recent as you say then you need t get confirmation of those works. Maybe safest t amalgamate the issue with representations cos time is short.

Is loading relevant then? - you mentioned it.

Loading wasn't relevant, but I got another ticket yesterday while I was loading.

I attached the back of the ticket, the new sign, and how the yellow line finishes.

Thanks for your help

Neil B
You haven't actually explained where you parked?

SY in bus stop looks more like a bus stop thick line -- but then that continues beyond the bus stop it appears? Both or either are only of general relevance in showing the level of Council competence in maintaining signage (IMO - others might find more relevance).

Sign is clearly new as you said. They don't look like that for too long!!!!

Time is short so you really need to get reps in asap.

Not sure what you can claim though.

You need the TMO which defines the restrictions. It may be there is a new one??? - and hence the appearance of signs?
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