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Full Version: Just panicking
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Hello, sorry to bother people I am just a bit worried. Here is my situation. I got a speeding fine from a roadside camera for doing 46 in a 40 (I was nervous.. dad in hospital where I had just ocme from). I have 3 points already for doing 36 in a 30 sad.gif Anyway I was worried about ending up with 6 points total in case it ruinined my insurance costs, so I have signed up to do a speed awareness course which they offered me this time. It cost me £80. But my problem is that I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder and panic attacks (its similar to agoraphobia). I am really scared about going to the course now... I live with parents and I very rarely leave the house. I am on medication and I was hoping I could increase my medication to help me go to the course but now I am feeling really bad about going and scared I might have a full blown panic attack if I go in there. I lloooked up pictures of the course and there are lots of people in there sitting close together so its like my worst nightmare.

I'm just not sure what to do. I wish I just took the points now.
my mate, who is disabled took a friend with him, ( me) it would be worth ringing up and telling them you have a disability and see what they can do to help
You could do a lot worse than have a meeting with a good NLP practitioner. Don't be put off by some of the hostile reports on sites such as Wikipedia. I've spent some time with the subject myself and found it to be sound.

To make sure you see someone who's properly trained, look for ABNLP, ANLP or INLPTA qualifications - or go by personal recommendation if you know somebody who's been cured of a phobia or has stopped smoking after a session.

Usual good practical advice from Jobo.
Just think, that 2-3 hours ( I dont know how long the courses are), and you'll be free to leave, and still only have 3 points.

Have your doctors recommended any counselling of any kind? If you are offered, don't turn your nose up at it, i've heard, and SEEN, it helps immensely with anxiety problems and Social Anxiety disorder.
Don't increase your medication without consulting your GP ...... in fact go to your GP and tell him, he may be able to give you something. I would suggest that you do not drive to the venue.

By all means phone and tell the SAC people that you have the condidtion but make it clear that you will do the course, don't make it sound like you are reluctant.

Have you been driving for more than 2 years?
If it helps, my friend recently attended one and was dreading it beforehand.

Afterwards she was glad she went. She has been driving for over 15 yrs and valued the information she was given after so many years of complacent driving.

I also think the advice to take someone with you is an excellent suggestion.

Please try not to worry. This option is a great alternative to taking more points. :-)
Thanks everyone, that made me feel much better smile.gif I have appointments with a psychiatrist and she is trying to teach me cognitive behaviour therapy, so hopefully that will help me out. I think I will take the suggestions and get a friend to drive me there and then I dont need to worry about driving and he knows where the place is too, so that will take the pressure off.
Friend of mine went to one a while back, said she 'enjoyed' it. She expected the 'teachers' to talk down to them and judge them, wasnt like that at all and was a couple of funny moments that made them all relax into it.

Everyone going will be nervous, the instructors know that.

Good luck, report back afterwards.

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