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About a year and a half a go I was caught driving with no insurance in a mate's car. I know I'm stupid for doing it but long story short I was Fully Comp and presumed that with me being Fully Comp on my car and him being Fully Comp on his car that I would be fine, turns out that there's something that says the Insured Party has to be 21 or 25 depending on the insurance company to be covered on another Insured vehicle on they're own policy. I should have read the small print, but being 18 and just passing my test I didn't.

Anyway I've learnt my lesson...The hard way. Went to court, paid my fine, had my license revoked and have just re-applied for my Provisional so I can get my backside into gear and get my license back as I have new job opportunities arising that I need my license for. I've opted to go with Pass 'N' Go who are local to me and do a week's course of 10 hours for £245. 2 hours of this is reserved for your Driving Test which is included in the £245, and for £31 extra they'll put me through my Theory Test again. Seems about reasonable to me as I was paying £20 a lesson last time and do need a little refreshing after 1.5years of not being behind a wheel.

My questions however:

I was asked by Pass 'N' Go when obtaining a quote from them if I had to do an Extended Test, I said no at the time but have sat dwelling and thinking about whether I do or not. Can someone confirm?

How long do points stay on my license for? and is it from the date caught or the conviction date? How long do I have to declare them to the insurance companies for?

Thanks in advance :-)
Unless the court specifically told you that you have to take the extended test, it's just the normal test. In general the extended test is for people who have had long bans for serious offences like dangerous driving, not for new drivers who've had their licences revoked for six points.

Points count for totting purposes for 3 years from the date of the offence and can be removed from your licence after four. Mist insurance companies require you to declare them fir 5 years though, which is the amount if time it takes the conviction to become "spent".
Presumably you got 6 points for no insurance and had your licence revoked by the DVLA under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995, and were not banned directly by the court? If that is the case, you only need to pass the standard tests (theory and practical).

Extended tests are only required when ordered by the court, and generally only for serious driving offences such as dangerous driving.

Points remain on your licence for 4 years from date of offence. Points count towards totting up if the offence is within 3 years of the date of the latest offence. In other words if you commit offences within 3 years of your insurance offence which earn you another 6 points, you are liable to tot up and receive a 6 month ban.

You have to declare them for 5 years.
You have to do a normal test.
Points are live for totting purposes for 3 years, they can be removed from your licence after 4 years but they won't be unless you renew your licence. The operative date is the date of the offence.
Insurance companies usually ask for points and convictions for 5 years.
Yes I did get 6 points under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995. So I was right in saying I didn't have to do the extended test to the Driving School/Agency. Thanks for confirming that one.

The totting up procedure is another one that's confusing me. I'm on 6 points now, so IF I commit another offence in 1.5 years as I have had my points for 1.5 years now which earn me another 6 points then I'm banned for 6 months? or is it 3 years after my points are cleared from my license? So in 4.5 years time the totting up wouldn't count towards me?
Totting comes into effect when you get 12 points within a 3 year period. As you have had 6 for 18 months, if you get another 6 within the next 18 months you will be a totter. After that your existing 6 drop out of consideration.
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