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thanks to all
quiet local residential road

If the car has been left on the public road you cannot declare SORN.

However if the road is a private road you can declare SORN for the unlicensed period.
Mr Nervous
Er, no.

they are supposed to give you two weeks grace before sending out a lovely £80 fine, but I don't know anyone who's yet experienced this so I don't know exactly how strict they are with it.

Keep all your airline tickets just in case, and the receipt from paying for the tax disc so you can show you did it at the earliest available opportunity, but they may decide that you should have planned ahead before leaving - you could have returned the tax disc to get the 2 months back off the dvla, declared SORN, parked it off road  :wink:  then relicensed when you returned.


Just going to have to cross your fingers and wait to see if a nice brown envelope drops through your door!   sad.gif
I *think* they wait six weeks after it should have been taxed before sending the "out of court settlement" letters. It used to be a £25 fine for not declaring SORN but now they are £80+ the backdated tax. I say "fine" but I think they call them "out of court settlement".

I would sit tight and see if you get anything in the post. I have also read many people saying that when they write and explain what happened they will let it drop.

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