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Full Version: No seatbelt!
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Hi All,
What an interesting and useful site!
I have a couple of questions that I can't find an answer to by using 'search', both related to a situation I now find myself in. I am in possession of a letter from the police, which is headed
Section 172 Road Traffic Act 1988
and dated 06/09/2011. This was handed to me by my boss yesterday (Fri 30/09). I believe they received this letter on the 12th or 13th Sept and replied asking for help identifying the driver. They received a reply dated 27th, together with a copy of two photos, one which clearly shows me as the driver, not wearing a seatbelt, and the other of the vehicle number plate. My questions are these:
firstly, after filling in my details, should it be the registered keeper who signs this form, or should I sign it?
Secondly, are you supposed to receive this form within fourteen days of the alleged offence? The form is clearly dated 6th Sept, with the alleged offence committed on the 18th August???

Any help much appreciated!
no not 14 days no NIP needed

what you do next is up to you, it isnt your form its theirs they need to complete it and send it back, if you send it back, they get in trouble and you MIGHT get away with it

but pissing off your employer for 60 quid isnt a good idea
Hi jobo, thanks for a fast response.

So presumably what happens is that they return this form, then I get a FPN some time after that.

no not 14 days no NIP needed
Is there any time limit on being fined for not wearing a seatbelt if caught on camera?

no youl get a 172 of your own, then a cofp, still 60 quid,

6 months to lay info for a summons other than that no
The Rookie
The only ID they wil use to issue a fixed penalty is when YOU confirm you were driving, the employer can say you were, but that will not be considered sufficient.

For £60 and no points it's not really worth playing silly buggers as not responding brings 6 points (for you once you get a request addressed to you) or a hefty fine for your employer which may not do your relationship with them much good!

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