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Full Version: Disputing a speeding ticket
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Hi There, thanks for taking time to read my post and help if possible.I have just received a ticket today for a speeding charge.It was taken by a Gatso.
The charge is apparently on a road i travel on every single day and says i was doing 42 in a 30 zone.bear in mind this quite a built up area and the camera is about 200 yards
before a set of traffic lights which you nearly always have to stop for.I honestly cant see myself having drove at the speed.
What are the chances of a car on the other side of the road setting the camera off or being some kind of mistake.If i dispute the charge is there any way that i can work out
if it has been another car setting this off and if its found to be that i have been stupid and infact it was me will this then be held against me.? will my fine or points go up if i do dispute it?
It is not the case that i just want to get out of the points as i would be first to put my hands up if i knew it was me but i really cant see me speeding where i did and especially at 12.15pm lunchtime when this road you really would be lucky to get up to 42mph at that time of the day as its heading in to a busy city centre.where as cars going the other way at that time easily the fact i know the road so well i cant see my being that stupid...
Any advice would be greatly recespeciallycially by anyone thats been in the same situation.

Thanks very much,

Gatsos take 2 photos a known time interval apart - usually 0.5 or 0.7 seconds. A secondary check, calculating the speed from the distance travelled between the 2 photos must be within 10% of the speed calculated by the radar.

If you write to the scammers, at the address for returning the s. 172 response, requesting a copy of any photographs 'to help to identify the driver' (do not elaborate, or use the words evidence or proof), they will usually send you the photos, and you/we can perform the secondary check.
yeah i heard they will send you the pics.
i just dont want to delay it then find out i was actually an idiot an it was me that was driving
and for it then to be held against me ,i take it the outcome will be the same wether or not i ask for proof ?
Also is there folk on here that can help with working out the speeds when i do get the pics.
thanks for the quick response and help cool.gif
There will be an address and/or a phone number on the paperwork also depending on the area some have a facility where you can view them online.

At the moment all you are being asked for is the identity of the driver at the time and you have 28 days from the the date on the paperwork to do this, so you will be asking for the pictures only to help you identify the driver, as stated above by Andy do not ask for them mentioning proof or evidence as you are not entitled to any at this point and it can be a sure fire way of them clamming up and you may get nothing.

Get the pics and post them up and then people on here can see if there are any technical issues with them that may help you.
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@OP Keep in mind that if you have not received the photos you are going to request by the time you approach the 28 day cut-off then you are going to have name yourself or risk being pursued for a, potentially, far more damaging and expensive offence.
thanks.ill write to them tomorrow and ask for copies.
it could only have been me driving that idon'tt dispute i just honestly cantbelievee i would have been speeding on that part of the road..
there was actually a day i remember going past the camera anseeingng it flash but looked at my speedo and seen i was well under 30 as coming up to traffic lights and busy traffic but cant mind if it was last week or the week before lol.i drive back and forth along the same road atleast 6 times everyday so cant actually remember when it was.and thats what is now making me doubt this even more.
i just wanted to know if its a mistake that can actually happen or not. is it just a computer that checks and decides if its sent out or does someone actually check and confirm them before sending them out?
cheers again folks
Gatsos can and do make erroneous readings. The photos are supposed to be checked before they issue NIPs, but at least one force has admitted that they never do.

edit: as regards you being the driver. You know that you were the driver. We know that you were the driver, but the most effective way to get to see the photos without rejecting any offers of speed awareness courses of fixed penalties, it to give the impression that you want the photos to help you to identify the driver.
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