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Full Version: Red Trafficlight camera Stopped rear wheel Behind white line
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This morning I have been approachin a junction with red traffic light camera Gatso RLC 36.
I was going through 40 mph and I saw traffic light turning amber I tried stop as soon as I saw this.
I managed to stop the vehicle with rear wheel one or behind the while line (cant exatly remember).
I think vehicle was strationay when traffic light turned red.

I didnt saw any flashes or light. (I couldnt locate the camera in the rear view mirror). It was
cloudy (no sun in the sky).

Do you think I will be in trouble with the ticket etc? I am really worried about this.

Possibly, you will know within the next 14 days. On the plus side you did not see a flash and there may not even be a camera there so why not take a look on google earth and try to put your mind at ease.
I know there was camera behind me. It looks like

The wait of 14 days is killing me (But there is very little you can do about it really!) .

I never inteneded to jump the light (and I prob. didnt) but I just want to make sure if you stop before the light turns red and your rear wheel is still behined / on the white line its ok?

If any part of your vehicle crosses the white line then the offence is complete.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Can anyone confirm the above?

Also can you see the flash if the camera is in rear. I mean even if you dont see the camera in your rear view mirror , is the flash bright enough to be recognised by the driver? or you can only see its flashing if its facing front of you?
The offence is complete if any part of your vehicle crosses the line while the light is red.* If you stop half-way across the line before the light turns red, then remain stationary until it turns green again, there is no offence. Similarly if you fully cross the line while the light is green but don't clear the junction until it has turned red (eg while turning right) there is no offence.

I haven't personally been flashed by a red light camera, but if it's similar in brightness to a Gatso flash then it's bright enough that you would be unlikely to miss it on an overcast day if you were paying attention, even if you weren't looking at the camera.

*Pedantically speaking I should add: or while the light is amber, unless it would not have been possible to stop safely.
With Aretnap on this, if you were stationary before the light went red there is no offence, and the cameras give a fraction more leeway than that.
Thanks everyone for the feedback.

It has helped me to ease off a bit. Lets hope it would be fine.
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