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Full Version: Untaxed vehicle fine - new owner - question?
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I have a quick question, I cant seem to find an answer out there on the internet for. My girlfriend had her brothers car signed over to her to pay a debt he owed her. It has been off the road since 2009, and was meant to have been SORN'ed but he never did it. The V5 got signed over earlier this year to my girlfriend, he told her that the car was SORN.

A few weeks ago we got a letter through addressed to her brother saying he had never SORN'ed it since 2009 and he owed an £80.00 fine. I then went online and declared the car as SORN. This week we got another letter through addressed to her brother from a debt agency demanding payment.

My question is; now the car is in my girlfriends name is she liable for any fines, or can anybody take the car off her and crush/impound it? Currently the car isn't being used as she hasn't passed her test yet, it is in a garage on provate land waiting to be MOT'd and taxed in a month or two once she has passed her test.
The V5 has been sent, DVLA know the vehicle has changed owners. You have, within a reasonable time, declared the vehicle SORN.
The DCA will be enforcing the debt against the former owner. He no longer owns the car, therefore they can have no interest in the vehicle. Having said that, if the vehicle is parked on his property then she may be required to provide a document to prove she is the true owner.

If DCA's had the power to simply take stuff that has been sold from the new owner in order to clear the debt of the previous owner, then no-one would buy anything 2nd-hand.

Btw, if the car wasn't placed on SORN the day the V5 was signed and posted, your g/f will get her own bill for £80.00 for failure to tax the vehicle.
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