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Full Version: pcn thurrock parked in a layby
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i recieved a pcn last week from thurrock council i was parked in a layby,0.2...=19&vpsrc=6 and street view,0.2...2,91.49,,0,1.54 i was the only veh ticketed , 2 other hgv's both polish nationals were not issued a ticket.

on opening the sticky envolope i also noticed that the bottom half (return by post ) was missing .

the pcn is code 56 parkedin contravention of a commercial veh waiting restriction.
i talked to the remaining polish driver who stated that he , nor his friend (he had already left) were issued tickets.
could someone please advise me on any way to contest this many thanks
Forget the fact that other vehicles didn't get a ticket, it's not going to be an appeal point because you DID get a ticket.

What did any signs say there? Can you show pictures or take pics? How to post pictures in your thread.

Can you also post a scan or digitial pic of both sides of the PCN please, all small print & dates showing. Only blank out car reg and PCN number.
i will try to tonight thank you.for assistance
as far as i am aware no restrictions in signs but will confirm tonight
Looking at google there appears to be no sign adjacent to the lay-by conveying that commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking. Is this still the case? If so then use this in your appeal.

The reason the Polish guys/vehicles did not get a PCN is because the council has no way of accessing the Polish DVLA equivalent database to obtain owner details which prevents the council from being able to serve an NtO should the PCN not be paid.. Nonetheless the council should still serve a PCN and write it off if it's not paid.
just recieved a letter from thurrock council. pcn now cancled. many thanks for the replies. i wrote them an email the other day and apparently the issuing officer was in the wrong.
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